RUST CITY X10 INFO (Scroll down for kits)

*Welcome to The Rust City x10 server made by Dual-Gamers!*

-We currently have a wide variety of kits including a small raid kit with weapons and more!

-We have BetterLoot installed including with more components!

-Insta-Craft to help with crafting!

-Teleport and home!

-Clans so you can team with friends!

-Max loots in crates plus max airdrops!

-Quick Smelt so you get resources fast!

-Active admins

-Map wipe every week!

*We are always looking for suggestions and staff so join now for the best Rust experiance!*

*We always make sure to update our servers within minutes of updates so that means little to no wait time for you!*

Rust City x10 VIP Kits

Here is more info about the donor VIP kits for the Rust City X5,000 server!

Our servers run off donations and all money goes back into the servers! Without this we would not be able to keep the servers running! All donations go DIRECTLY to the payment of the server. These funds cannot be refunded by anyone! By making any purchase you are agreeing to our Terms of Service !

*Make sure to choose the correct server when purchasing your kits!!* These are the kits for the x10 Server!

Once you purchase a kit make sure to create a support ticket , message an admin or go to our Steam Group!

You can also build your own custom kit and we can work out a price! Message an owner or Submit a ticket!

Purchaseable Kits for Rust City x10 Server Include But are not Limited to:

-Bronze VIP ($9.99)
-25 C4
-20 Explosives
-15 Rockets
-5 Supply Signals
-125 Of Each Ammo
-12,500 High Quality Metal
-5 Auto Turrets

-Gold VIP ($19.99)
-60 C4
-50 Explosives
-25 Rockets
-12 Supply Signals
-250 Of Each Ammo
-12,500 High Quality Metal
-5 Auto Turrets

-Platinum VIP ($24.99)
*Most Popular!*
-90 C4
-80 Explosives
-40 Rockets
-20 Supply Signals
-500 Of Each Ammo
-40,000 High Quality Metal
-40 Auto Turrets