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Dual-Gamers / Rust City Q&A

Q: I bought a VIP Kit now what do I do?
A: (Keep in mind VIP kits are not instant.) You can either message one of the owners to give it to you or create a ticket above with your Steam ID, kit you bought and server you are on. Kits will be delivered within 24 hours.

Q: I want to refund a kit as I don't play on the server anymore, I have been banned, its not fun, ect.
A: As VIP kits are considered donations to the servers, refunds are not available at all. When buying a kit you are agreeing to the Terms of Service so think before you buy.

Q: I have been banned from a server what do I do?
A: We rarely ban ANYONE from our servers but if you believe you were wrongly banned, submit a ticket with your Steam ID, server, ban reason and who banned you (If available). If we find a false ban has been placed we will remove it appropriately.

Q: One of your mods and or admins are abusing!
A: We take all abuse reports seriously. If you think someone is abusing privilages, submit a report on the Reports page . All reports are looked at within 24 hours. 

Q: I want to be mod or admin what do I do?
A: Submit an admin application on the Admin Application page. Applications are looked at every one to two weeks by owners.